Equipment Available for Rent

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Powder Flocking Rings

  • 6” to 48” diameter rings
  • Customizable to project specifications
  • Capable of coating automatic or stick welding process
  • Can apply single layer FBE or dual layer FBEs/ARO
  • Fast, repeatable, simplistic coating process
  • Semi-automated operation

Induction Heating Coils

  • 6” to 48” diameter coils
  • Wide range of heat patterns
  • Capable of automatic and stick welding process
  • Fast and accurate heating for FBE coating process
  • Force cure coating applications
  • Weld heat treatment

Induction Generators

  • 75 kW high induction alternator
  • 8 kW utility power
  • Additional utility compressed air
  • 10 hour run time with single tank

Fluid Beds

  • Single FBE application
  • Dual layer FBE/ARO application
  • Remote driven

Blast Rings

  • 6” – 48” diameter rings
  • Custom builds to project specifications available
  • Multiple blast heads for simultaneous blasting
  • Semi-automated operation
  • Capable of blasting multiple blast media products

Blast Recovery Systems (BRS)

  • Primarily used for blasting when soil/water contamination from blast media is prohibited
  • BRS units are blasting units and a recovery unit combined into one piece of equipment
  • Recovers blast media that is used during surface prep
  • Reuses captured media to prepare surfaces
  • Built in back up recovery motor

Blast Equipment

  • Blast pots in various sizes
  • Mobile blast pot set ups (Blast pot and Air compressor)
  • Blasting equipment parts and accessories
  • Blasting PPE

Liquid Application Equipment

  • Plural component equipment skid mounted
  • Capable of applying multiple material types
  • Multiple ratios available for various coating types

Material Storage Rentals

  • 20’ insulated containers w/ full end cargo doors
  • Designed to keep the coating material at ideal conditions onsite
  • 120 volt air conditioner units
  • Capable of storing up to 20,000 lbs of material

Coating Test Equipment

  • Rented or sold as a kit or individually
    • Holiday detector
    • Mil gauges
    • Textex tape
    • Spring Micrometer (surface profile)
    • Psychrometer – digital or sling (environmental)
    • Heat probes
    • Temp sticks
    • Certified shims
    • Certified standards

Transport Systems

  • ROW transports to help facilitate the travel of the coating equipment
  • Typical units have crane rigging to assist in the coating application
  • Coating production ready when delivered available
    • Marooka
    • Panthers
    • Prinoth
    • IHI IC 120
    • Additional options available upon request
CCSI is your one call for pipeline field joint coating, from 4 to 48 inches, onshore or offshore