Coating & Blasting Materials

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FBE – Anticorrosion Coating

  • Used as a corrosion barrier for steel pipelines
  • Single layer applications
  • High Temp applications (HT)
  • Low Applications (LAT)
  • Multiple gel times to match production or environmental conditions
  • Manufacturers
    • Axalta
    • 3M
    • Valspar
    • Others upon request

FBE Coating Vendors

ARO – Abrasion Resistant Coating

  • Used for difficult soil conditions, HDDs and Bore pipe
  • Manufacturers
    • Axalta
    • 3M
    • Valspar
    • Others on request

ARO Coating Vendors



  • 2-part epoxies for field joint or mainline pipe repairs
  • Above ground coatings
  • Soil to air coatings
  • Below ground coatings
  • Available in cartridges or in multiple size kits to fit your application needs
  • Pneumatic application option for cartridge system
  • Used as single layer corrosion barrier or as ARO in one application
  • Vast variations of materials to fit your above ground or below ground applications
  • Manufacturers
    • Denso
    • SPC
    • Carboline
    • Polyguard
    • Axalta
    • 3M
    • Valspar

Liquid Epoxy Coating Vendors

Blasting Media

  • Multiple blast media types available for your coating project needs
    • Coal Slag
    • Green diamond
    • Steel grit
    • Garnet
    • Sand
    • Others on request

Blast Material Vendors

CCSI is your one call for pipeline field joint coating, from 4 to 48 inches, onshore or offshore